Tuchfeld was created in 2016 out of the desire to coordinate and gather under the same umbrella businesses with high potential, such as Trivas Grup, CHS-EUXIN HOLDING, HUB DACIA, HUB DUNAV, HUB ADRIATIC, HUB DACIA OIL, FUNK INTERNATIONAL and UZ BRICHET.

Our purpose is directed in two directions: on the one hand, we want to reunite the related companies under the same identity, providing them an efficient communication, both in the internal and external environment, and on the other hand, we focus towards our clients, whom we offer the best quality services, suitable for their needs and requests.

Under the umbrella of Tuchfeld are reunited different activity areas, so you will find companies that deal with intermodal transport, heating, gas and sanitary distribution, authorized repairer for Scania trucks and authorized service for Mercedes-Benz utilities, as well as you will find companies that supply petroleum products.

Related companies have in common the level of development in each activity, so as to become the market leader in their area, managing to deliver high-quality services to their customers.