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CHS EUXIN HOLDING has under its umbrella next divisions:

  • CHS Container has the object of purchasing and selling new or second-hand containers, designed either for office, maritime, healthcare or refrigerated. Even more, the company also offers connected services related to the main activity: the transport, install/ uninstall,  of the systems and the coupling and the repair of the containers.
  • Euxin Trucks is a service that has as prime objective the repair and maintenance of the vehicles, as well as trading new trucks, subassemblies and related spare parts. Euxin Trucks is an Authorized Repairer for Scania Trucks and an Authorized Service for Mecedez-Benz utilities and Scania Trucks.
  • Real Estate sells and rents empty spaces for offices, residential and land.

Hub Dacia, with the headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, is a company that performs services in the industry of intermodal transport, such as shipping transport, merchandise maneuvering, storage and supervision, door-to-door system, to the majority of global destinations. Since 1998, HUB Dacia represents a landmark in the personalized transport and it’s also the agent of the Hapag-Lloyd shipowners and Sea Consortium in Romania.
Hub Dunav is the agent of the Hapag-Lloyd shipowner in Serbia and Muntenegru. Since 2006, it has been offering container maritime transportation services in door-to-door system to both importers and exporters of the two countries. It has the headquarters in Belgrad, Serbia.
Hub Adriatic is the agent of the Hapag-Lloyd shipowner in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. It performs container maritime transportation services for the three countries and it has the headquarters in Durres, Albania.
Hub Dacia Oil is one of the market leader when it comes to fuel cards, lubricants, paraffin and other petroleum products. Also, HUB Dacia Oil provides customized solutions and it delivers the following groups of petroleum products: fuel cards, industrial and motor oils, paraffin and other chemical products.
Funk International is formed though the fusion of RIMIS Broker of Insurance and FUNK Gruppe, becoming FUNK International Romania-Broker of Insurance and Reinsurance. Its field of activity is based on individual insurance. Funk International bases were laid in 1879, in Berlin, only later entering among the largest independent insurance companies From Germany. It has over 1,100 employees and 32 branches in Europe.
Trivas Grup is a company from 1993. It is a direct importer of some appreciated brands, in the field of heating systems, gas, air conditioning and protection systems for phase installations. Trivas Grup also includes the brands Trivas, Conter, Calore, Westech and Thanks to them, it has succeeded to impose on the market as a supplier of heating, gas and sanitary installation.
UZ Brichet is a company that has a modern line of micro-lighters, also knows on the international market as “pellet”. In this way, it aims to reduce the dust and wood chips pollution problem from the Uzului Valley and Trotusului Valley. The pellet Uz Brichet has as basic material the dust from the clean wood. With 14,8 milions of ha, Romania is the second producer of agricultural products from Central and East Europe, right after Poland. It also has one of the best places in Europe when it comes to biomass.